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A new study suggests that spider colonies with more aggressive females are more likely to survive after a hurricane passes through.

Facing a Trump administration rule that forbids referrals for abortion, the organization decided to reject federal funds for family planning for low-income women.

“The Outlaw Ocean,” the journalist Ian Urbina’s chronicle of offshore crime, ranges from Somalia to the Philippines to the Antarctic.

We can’t yet dig to the center of the Earth. But diamonds from far below ground offer tantalizing hints of what's down there.

Sea snakes are the most diverse group of marine reptiles in the world, but they are poorly understood and threatened by development. Blanche D’Anastasi is among the scientists working to save them.

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Times of Israel: Acting US prisons chief removed after Epstein suicide

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Times of Israel: California students make Nazi salute, sing marching song at awards ceremony

Times of Israel: Qatari envoy set to visit Gaza on Thursday to discuss grants, reconstruction

Times of Israel: Records: Epstein signed will 2 days before jailhouse suicide

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Times of Israel: Iranian tanker sought by US sets course for Greece

Times of Israel: Ohio man pleads not guilty to Jewish center video threat

Times of Israel: Top Iranian security official says Tehran should not have signed nuclear deal

Globes: Housing deals in Israel up in first half of 2019

Globes: The super yeasts producing protein and fuel

Globes: Venus Concept to list on Nasdaq after merger

Globes: Israeli bitcoin holders take on banks

Globes: Credit card cos count cost of separation from banks

Globes: Shekel slips further on weak growth data

Globes: Venus Concept to list on Nasdaq after merger

Globes: Roots soars on ASX on plant-based meat trials

Globes: Mon: Teva, big banks fuel strong TASE rise

Globes: Israeli bitcoin holders take on banks

Globes: Canned Coke in short supply in Israel

Globes: Housing deals in Israel up in first half of 2019

Globes: Bright Mountain buys S&W Media for $23m

Globes: Suny offers NIS 14.90 monthly mobile package

Globes: Credit card cos count cost of separation from banks

Jpost: New York police officer fired for deadly 2014 chokehold on Eric Garner

Jpost: Pooches undergo training at Ontario's Stratford Festival

Jpost: Fmr. Cavaliers coach David Blatt reveals he has Multiple Sclerosis

Jpost: Paraguay labels Hezbollah a terror group, Brazil may follow

Jpost: New documentary gives a glimpse into the mind of Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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Jpost: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib hint at cutting aid to Israel after entry denied

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Jpost: With Anti-Trump ‘orange skull’ warning censored – Art Spiegelman speaks

Jpost: U.S. Jewry feel betrayed by Netanyahu following Omar, Tlaib debacle

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