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CNBC: Charts suggest lower volatility, higher stock prices coming: Cramer

CNBC: Cramer's charts suggest lower volatility, higher stock prices in coming months

CNBC: Cramer: Apple should buy Epic Systems, a private digital health records operation

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Reuters: Factbox: Impact on U.S. government widens on 25th day of shutdown

Reuters: Los Angeles teachers' strike extends to second day with no talks on horizon

Reuters: California storms to dump up to 7 feet of snow, force evacuations

Reuters: U.S. Sen. Gillibrand announces White House bid: 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'

Haaretz: Israelis love their army chiefs

WashingtonPost: Can immigration save the U.S. from its birthrate crisis?

WashingtonPost: The good, the bad and the uncertain from William Barr’s testimony

NewYorkTimes: Giant Ice Disk Spins in Maine River

NewYorkTimes: Keep Your Crop Circles, Iowa: This Huge Ice Disk in a Maine River Is Churning Up Theories

NewYorkTimes: Trilobites: When Fungi Fight Back

FOX: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue gets new May release

FOX: Doug Schoen: Steve King should be ostracized, not ousted

FOX: Doug Schoen: Steve King should be ostracized, not ousted

CBS: "We have to make the sacrifice": L.A. families stand in solidarity with teacher strike

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