How much should Boston Red Sox star Mookie Betts get paid this year? Three judges will decide. The Red Sox reached one-year contract agreements Friday with nine of their 10 arbitration-eligible players, beating the deadline to exchange figures for a potential hearing. Betts was the lone holdout, and according to Sox assistant general manager Brian O'Halloran, the sides have agreed to let a panel of three arbitrators determine the All-Star right fielder's 2018 salary in a hearing next month. A date for the hearing has not yet been set. The Red Sox submitted a $7.5 million salary figure for Betts, who is seeking $10.5 million. The panel will choose one figure or the other. If the Sox and Betts' representatives had agreed to continue to negotiate, the sides could have settled on a midpoint at any time before the hearing. While it's largely atypical for a player to request a hearing if a settlement isn't reached before the exchange of salary figures,...



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